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Our NightWatch stories come from people who have been affected by epilepsy. This illness is accompanied by fears, insecurity and the search for help to cope with daily life and to feel safe. In many cases, NightWatch is introduced as a daily sleep companion, in addition to good medical care.

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One Family. Eleven kids. Seven NightWatch. Read their amazing story.

​The Linders from Germany have 11 children and 7 of them have untreatable epilepsy with nocturnal seizures. We visited the Linder family at home and report on the large family, which is a role model for liveliness, love and structured everyday coping.

“We never give up!”

“We never give up!”

Angi Csmarits is a 15-year-old pretty and bright teenager from Maria Alm, who has been affected by epilepsy since she was ten years old.

A life with epilepsy and love

A life with epilepsy and love

Florian is 40 years old and lives with his 76-year-old mother in Munich. Florian has had epilepsy since he was 9 years old.

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We at NightWatch have noticed that there is still far too little talk about epilepsy and how to cope with everyday life. We would like to change this. We encourage you to tell us your story because behind every NightWatch there are people. When you tell your story, you share the knowledge you have gained over time and help others better understand daily life with epilepsy, share concerns and protect lives.

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