Return policy (LivAssured BV)

NightWatch may be returned and refunds will be based on the following terms listed below:

Return period % refund
Within 30 days 100%
1 to 3 months 70%
4 to 6 months 50%

If you choose to pay for NightWatch after the 30-day trial period, the payment will need to be made in full at the 30-day point. 

If you choose to return NightWatch you will need to register to return NightWatch by phone or email. You will then receive detailed instructions by email on the returns process.

Terms and conditions for a refund:

  • NightWatch will need to be returned in full working order complete with all included accessories, travel case, the manual and the laminated notification cards. Please do not remove the labels on the arm module or the base station during the trial period.

  • Ensure that the NightWatch arm module is switched off before placing it in the case. Leaving the arm module in the ‘switched on’ mode for long periods of time without charging may damage the battery, especially during transport. If this happens you may be charged.

  • If any part(s) of the NightWatch system are missing or damaged, you may be charged for these parts. This does not apply to the elastic band, which will have been cut to size.

  • The buyer is responsible to return NightWatch to the return address supplied by LivAssured. We highly recommend that you use either a reputable parcel service or ‘to sign for’ option at the Post Office, as you will be liable for any loss or damage.

  • Please ensure NightWatch is packed either in the original or sturdy box with sufficient filler material so that the case does not move around and cause damage.