NightWatch Software Updater

You can download the NightWatch Software Updater application for your computer via the links below. You can use it to install the most recent software version on your NightWatch. There is a version for Windows users and a version for Macbook users.

Using the Software Updater

You can start the “NightWatchUpdater” application after installation. Click the ‘Info’ button top right in the application for more information about how the application works. A brief explanation follows:

  1. Click on “Find my NightWatch” in the application. The application will search for your NightWatch on the network. Nothing found? Then click on ‘Info’ top right in the application and follow the instructions.

  2. Once found, you must then check the box to confirm your base station and the arm module are close to each other (a maximum of 3 metres) and are both switched on.

  3. You can then press the “update firmware” button. The update process will start and will take a few minutes.

NOTE: leave your NightWatch arm module and base station for another 5 minutes after the update so the update process can be completed correctly.

Release Notes

The table below shows information about the changes implemented with the release of newer NightWatch software versions.

Date                            Version                              Release note

12-04-2022                  v15.5                                  Release Note v15.5.pdf

26-01-2021                  v14.3                                  Release Note v14.3.pdf

30-04-2020                  v14.1                                  Release Note v14.1.pdf

17-10-2019                  v13.2                                  Release Note v13.2.pdf

20-12-2018                  v12.7                                  Release Note v12.7.pdf

07-11-2017                  v11.6                                  First official release