NightWatch for research

NightWatch technology
NightWatch technology uses a multimodal sensor technique that tracks heart rate, body position and movement in order to detect major nocturnal epileptic motor seizures:

  • Tonic-Clonic seizures
  • Tonic seizures (if cluster or prolonged)
  • Myoclonic seizures (if cluster)
  • Focal seizures (impaired awareness with hyperkinetic movements)

    NightWatch has been extensively validated in several phase 3 and 4 prospective multicentre studies. See more on the results on the Clinical Evidence page.

    NightWatch research kit

    NightWatch is available as an out-of-the-box medical device that is intended to warn caregivers of a person with epilepsy on nocturnal epileptic motor seizures so that they can take more appropriate measures.

    NightWatch technology is also available as a research kit to be used to collect long-term data in clinical/research projects to obtain objective nocturnal seizure data and pré-ictal, ictal and post-ictal information related to heart rate variety and motion such as:

    • Timestamp of seizure alerts
    • Raw PPG data translated into beat-to-beat Heart rate tracking
    • Accelerometer data
    • Real-time position data

    NightWatch offers extensive connectivity that enables both local and cloud-based data collection for research purposes:

    • Live data connection to cloud-based trial data servers using the API (via RJ45).
    • NightWatch offline data collection research kit, including case with laptop and research software (1), camera (2), hard drive (3), optional 4G-router for support (4), NightWatch (5&6)
    • Dry contact relay connection.

    NightWatch research kit

    Screenshot of the data collected with NightWatch

    Contact us to learn more about the use of NightWatch technology in research projects.