Recent Developments regarding NightWatch

NightWatch does not stand still in its development, and we listen gladly to the feedback we get from our users. In the following, we give you an update on current developments.


Very soon there will be an update to the NightWatch portal. Thanks to the feedback provided by our users, and based on ongoing research, the following developments have been set in motion:

Better and quicker access to the NightWatch portal

  • The NightWatch portal will soon switch to a new server. The latter will process data much more efficiently thanks to new technology that is also being used by Big Data. This should improve the accessibility of the portal considerably. It should also increase the speed of the website and of the loading of graphic displays.

  • Earlier this year, we sent a survey to all portal users asking for feedback and suggestions. We received a lot of enthusiastic responses, and we have made a wish list. The most important suggestions are:

    • Acces in different languages

    • To receive a daily email with the measured data without having to log in

    • Being able to access the portal on a mobile phone

    • The possibility of exporting data from the portal

We are currently investigating the feasibility of these suggestions and hope to be soon able to inform you if and when they will be implemented.


In the Netherlands, NightWatch is improving the sleep of many families. Furthermore, many professional caregivers are using NightWatch which enables them to keep a close eye on people with epilepsy during the night. In the Netherlands, the same number of devices are being sold to private users to care institutions and hospitals.

However, NightWatch is not only known in the Netherlands. In Germany, we have been active for nearly 2 years now, and the number of users is growing continuously. Not only do families find us through the internet, but there is also an ever-growing number of doctors/neurologists prescribing NightWatch for their patients. Moreover, the three largest health insurance companies in Germany are now reimbursing NightWatch on a case-by-case basis. The success of NightWatch in Germany is mainly driven by our colleagues Rob Maessen and Regina Lindemann. Further on in this newsletter, Rob will introduce himself.

In addition to the Netherlands and Germany, NightWatch is now also available in the UK and in EU countries. In France and Australia, NightWatch is being sold through distributors.


NightWatch is meant and designed to bring more peace into night-time care of epilepsy patients. When searching for a detection device, it is very important to look from a broader perspective to find a device that best suits your individual situation.  Experiences from other users are very important. We are, therefore, collaborating with the international review site Kiyoh (client reviews), where people can share their experiences with NightWatch. Please refer to to read these reviews.