1+1=3. NightWatch and Neuroventis connect their services and provide a breakthrough in the care of people with epilepsy

A unique collaboration between a Belgian and Dutch MedTech scale-up offers people with epilepsy more safety and control over their condition.

It is often difficult for people with epilepsy to monitor the evolution of their condition themselves and to communicate with their physician. As a result, they often feel misunderstood and the physician is unable to draw up an optimal treatment plan. The Belgian innovative application Helpilepsy, part of the Neuroventis Platform, allows patients to keep track of what they experience throughout the day, such as seizures, side effects, treatments, and more. This information is then shared in a secure and structured way with their treating physician. Through a smart link between the Helpilepsy app and NightWatch it is now also possible to record night-time epilepsy activities, which gives the caregiver, in particular, more peace of mind. The result is more objective data for both physician and patient, and a future-oriented and personal interaction between both.

Richard Lazeron, a neurologist at Kempenhaeghe: « Seizures at night are often missed, which can not only be dangerous but can also result in an incomplete image of the seizure frequency and course of the disease. The better we can get this image, the more effectively we can treat. »

Synergy through integration

Both Neuroventis and NightWatch, as well as involved neurologists, believe that the digital connection is an important step towards better and more efficient epilepsy care.

A survey conducted by Neuroventis among users of both the Helpilepsy app and NightWatch confirms: The integration scores 4 out of 5 for ease of use, clinical usability, and reliability. The majority of users say they will continue to use the linked solution for a long time and would also recommend it to others. The results of this study will be presented at the 3rd ICMDSDE Congress in Denmark in October.

Jonathan Schreiber, CEO of Neuroventis, states: « A platform that is fully integrated and interoperable with different systems is our vision for Neuroventis. Thanks to the integration with NightWatch we have been able to take the first step towards this and are giving people with epilepsy the opportunity to map their condition as complete as possible. »

Jeroen van den Hout, Director of NightWatch, adds: « By linking NightWatch to Helpilepsy, the nocturnal events recorded by NightWatch are automatically stored with the other relevant data of the disease course. In the morning, users can see how the night went at the touch of a button and communicate with their physician. »

About Neuroventis

The Neuroventis Platform is a CE-marked medical device for neurology, consisting of pathology-specific applications for patients and a dashboard for healthcare professionals. Currently, people with epilepsy and headache can monitor their condition with the Helpilepsy and MigraineManager application respectively. These are linked to the dashboard for the medical team, where health data is consolidated and visualised. The Belgian scale-ups mission is to support neurology and thereby improve patient care, with the ultimate goal of empowering patients to become co-leader of their health. Neuroventis currently supports more than 9,000 patients, over 230 healthcare professionals across Europe and the platform is available in 10 languages.

About NightWatch

NightWatch helps caregivers (at home and professionally) with night-time monitoring of people with epilepsy. This is done through a bracelet that monitors the heart rate and movement of the patient during the night. NightWatch detects with great accuracy whether dangerous seizures are taking place and then warns the caregivers. In addition, it stores all nocturnal measurement data.

NightWatch therefore helps to prevent complications due to dangerous seizures and not only improves patient care but also gives parents/carers a better night’s sleep. NightWatch has been extensively clinically validated and is now used by thousands of families and professional caregivers.

More information about Helpilepsy and the link to NightWatch can be found via this link.