Let me introduce myself

My name is Rob Maessen and what drives me personally is to try and contribute to improving the quality of life of human beings through meaningful innovations.

In 2018, I met Jeroen Van den Hout (CEO of LivAssured). Jeroen told me about the unique collaboration within the Dutch tele-epilepsy consortium, its clinical research activities and LivAssured’s ambition to make the healthcare innovation NightWatch known internationally. Of course, there were already systems on the market that can monitor nighttime sleep of patients but most of them only have a motion sensor.

From leading European epileptologists I learned that especially tonic-clonic seizures may lead to serious complications, often starting with a stiffening of the body and that such critical occurrences are oftentimes overlooked or observed too late by motion sensors only. Said serious complications due to a lack of oxygen in the brain can be caused by cramping of the breath.

Based on my broad international experience in New Business Development and the successful launching of healthcare innovation products onto the market for a well-known multinational, I realized quickly that NightWatch meets an unfulfilled need and, therefore, deserves a spot within the European healthcare system.

At the moment, I focus on the German market where we are in contact with German healthcare professionals who prescribe NightWatch, health insurance companies for reimbursement, and affected families who are using NightWatch satisfactorily. Please refer to our review page to read more about their experiences.

In my spare time, I’m a nature guy and you will find me outdoors whenever possible (not only when it’s nice weather) together with my dog.