Buddy the
night watchman

A cuddly toy called “Buddy the night watchman” plays the leading role in a new book specifically published for children with nocturnal epilepsy.

NightWatch book

The little book about Buddy was devised and written by three students at the Veluws Walterbosch College in Apeldoorn and is intended for children who use NightWatch. This innovative detection system warns parents of a potentially dangerous night-time epileptic seizure.

 NightWatch was developed a few years ago by two Dutch hospitals which specialize in epilepsy: SEIN and Kempenhaeghe, in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and EpilepsieNL, and is now used by thousands of families.


Worldwide, 65 million people have epilepsy, about 9 million of whom are children. Many of these children have frequent epileptic seizures. They often happen randomly, including during the night. 

If a child has a severe seizure, it is important that someone is there to help, when needed. That is a major worry for parents or carers of children with epilepsy, because how do you keep an eye on a child all night long, without losing sleep yourself?

NightWatch epilepsy detector

NightWatch is a detection system that warns parents or carers of a potentially severe epileptic seizure during sleep. The person with epilepsy wears an armband around their upper arm at night. This armband monitors the wearer’s heartbeat and movements all night long.

A corresponding base station in the parents’ or carers’ room will alert them if the armband detects a potentially dangerous seizure. The parent or carer can then go and check on the child and provide help when needed.

Buddy Project

This little book and the Buddy cuddly toy are the results of a ‘Research and Design’ project by three final-year high school students at Veluws College Walterbosch in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Laure Vissers, Douwe Kreeftenberg, and Nicci Sulkers investigated ways of making it more pleasant for children with epilepsy when they suddenly have to wear an armband at night.

 They came up with a children’s book that parents and children can read together before bedtime. Graphic designer Erik Thé has brought the story to life with his beautiful illustrations. Buddy, one of the main characters in the book, is also available as a real cuddly toy to reassure your child after reading the book that he or she is being watched over carefully while sleeping.

Support Dravet Syndrome UK, the Peter Doody Foundation, and the Jon Shaw Foundation

Anyone who purchases a NightWatch system will get the children’s book with accompanying cuddly toy for free. It is also possible to order the book and the cuddly toy separately for €49. All proceeds will go to Dravet Syndrome UK, the Peter Doody Foundation, and the Jon Shaw Foundation, three great initiatives that are committed to improving the lives of people with epilepsy and raising awareness of the risks and consequences due to living with epilepsy. The book and toy can be ordered through the NightWatch website.

Make a donation to help Dravet Syndrome UK, the Peter Doody Foundation, and the Jon Shaw Foundation, by clicking the button below and this charming NightWatch children’s book and cuddly toy will be yours.